We offer museum education sessions at both our permanent and temporary exhibitions. During visits, experience-based learning methods are applied in order to share information about artworks in a playful and exploratory way. The focus is on the transfer of knowledge appropriate for the needs of students belonging to different age groups.

Creativity and imagination play an important role in museum activities and educational tasks which include creative workshops in order to deepen understanding and enhance knowledge acquired during the session.

During visits, a democratic learning environment is created in which museum educators work as facilitators in the dialogue between students and artworks. It is important for us to inspire debates in case of teenagers so that they can express their opinions, accept differing points of view and understand that there can be various interpretations of the same artwork. By finding themes and points of relevance, teenage students are given the opportunity to develop critical and reflective thinking, communication and collaboration skills.

Please try to book your museum visit at least one week ahead.

The length of a session depends on the age of the visiting group, and both the topic and the length can be tailored to the needs of the prospective participants. Since we have several museum venues, the place will be chosen according to the requested topic and museum session.

Fee per student: HUF 500

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