13. 02. 2022 – 25. 03. 2022


Vajda Museum


Katalin Kopin

12. 02. 2022., 17:00

Born and still living in Szentendre, Bácsi is most interested in documentarian photography, as well as portraiture and social commentary. He enjoys photographing the culture of different countries, the lives of the people who live there, and he tries to travel extensively to produce more and more reports—so much so that photography and travel have become inseparable for him over the years. He started an extensive series on Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria six years ago. He wants to reach even more autonomous areas and to photograph life there, the difficulties that people face there. In 2010 he and two colleagues formed the Pictorial Collective, a photography group. The motivation was to create a community in which the members work independently, but inspire each other. They consider it important to represent everyday situations and different problems, as well as their own opinions about them, through an individual outlook. Among others, he has been awarded the André Kertész Grand Prize, the Munkácsi Márton Prize, several Press Photo awards, and the Junior Príma Prize in 2008. He has won the Pécsi József Photography Scholarship three times, and the Capa Scholarship in 2020.
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in Hungarian and English, with the photo essays presented, an essay, and an interview with the photographer. A 60-minute video of the latter can also be watched at the exhibition. The display focuses on five long-term photo projects, with the experience of individual freedom as their overarching theme.