15. 04. 2022 – 24. 07. 2022




Fruzsina Kigyós


Péter Puklus (b. 1980) is a seminal figure of the contemporary Hungarian art scene. In the spring of 2022, the internationally acknowledged artist presents works made for the spaces of the Ferenczy Museum Centre’s ArtMill.
The exhibition will feature works in the most diverse media, from photos with a distinctive tone through installations and videos to performance works and publications—all of it in his signature intimate context.
The latest works look at intimacy at home, coming to terms with traumas, and midlife crisis. At the same time, Puklus pushes the envelope of the photographic form in his abstract works, which run a wide gamut from sculptures to concentrated drawings. There will be much food for thought at this exhibition, where Puklus bears witness to a creative liberation brought about by self-reflection.