10. 04. 2022 – 15. 05. 2022


IKON, Szentendre Gallery


Brigitta Muladi


09. 04. 2022., 6:00 PM

The Munkácsy Prize-winning artist was born in Kisvárda in 1964, and now lives and works in Szentendre. The numerous acknowledgements he won include the Derkovits Scholarship (1993–1996), the Kunststiftung Stuttgart’s scholarship in 2003, the Cité Internationale des Arts’ scholarship in Paris in 2009, and the Victor Vasarely scholarship in Paris in 2010. His works are on view at the permanent exhibitions of modern art in the Ferenczy Museum, the Jannus Pannonius Museum, and the Hungarian National Gallery.
Originally self-taught, Ottó Vincze became a professional artist and a leading figure of the Vajda Lajos Studio under the influence of the frequently cited intellectual milieu of Szentendre, and his chosen “mentors” (e.g. Pál Deim, Péter Bereznai, László fe Lugossy). Obsessively meticulous, cool-headed and rational, intrigued by geometry, logic, order, ratios and magical machines, he drifted towards intermedia art. His own brand, however, was rooted in a constructivist-surrealist painting with natural-anthropomorphic underpinnings in the vein of Mondrian and Malevich, as well as in the “motif-centred” spiritual traditions of the town. The new works created for the exhibition at IKON stem from the visual world of the sewing patterns he inherited, which hide and reveal background contents. Man is the creative spirit in the painting-based installations, the free-standing, enlarged sewing tools, the assemblages of objects and graphic works—a spirit that takes pleasure in ceaselessly reimagining the mysterious contraptions.