Preschool Art Education Programme

The main goal of the art education programme, which started six years ago, is to introduce kindergarten children to the world of museums: they receive a comprehensive, age-appropriate education in painting and sculpture at museum exhibitions. The interactive, experience-based sessions are designed to develop skills and competences at various levels. Their visual experience of paintings and sculptures is enriched with reciting poems, telling stories, singing songs and playing games. During workshops, they express their impressions and experiences in images, and learn the basic painting and sculptor skills as well. Each year, the programme ends with an exhibition of children’s works titled By Children’s Hands.
Every local kindergarten is involved in the programme, and most 5 or 6-year-old children participate in the museum education sessions.

Barcsay Art Day

Every year, the local Barcsay Jenő Primary School commemorates the birthday of the artist, whom the school was named after, with an art day. Museum educators take part in the celebration by providing creative workshops. At the end of the day, an exhibition opens in the school where students’ works are presented.

Want to Work in a Museum? – Career Guidance Programme about Museum Jobs

Our museum staff is dedicated to raise awareness of museums, and inform students who are about to choose a career about museum jobs. During an interactive session facilitated in schools, our colleagues give a short presentation about their jobs, and answer students’ questions

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Community Work Programme

We welcome secondary school students interested in art, photography or history to do their community work in our museum.
Possible activities they can choose from:
– participating in the student curator programme,
– assisting primary school children in summer camps,
– giving a helping hand to small children and families during museum workshops,
– preparing communication materials for exhibitions.

Student Curator Programme

The Student Curator Programme was designed to develop cultural literacy through arts and humanities. It is linked to the museum’s collections and exhibitions. Its primary target group is students with an interest in visual arts and history. They take part in a training programme, learn about our collections and exhibitions with the help of museum educators and curators. After the training, they give guided tours to their peers in our museums, and have the opportunity to co-curate certain exhibitions. The aim of the programme is to present the museum’s collections from students’ point of view, and through activities which reflect their interests and problems. The programme gives a good opportunity to share information and cultural knowledge about arts, photography, history, archeology and ethnography, all presented at our exhibitions, with secondary school students in a fruitful and entertaining way.


Our teaching and learning materials are designed for both teachers and students. The materials are grouped according to various topics and themes inspired by the rich collection of our museum; they are adaptable and can be integrated into lessons and school subject curriculums. Most materials are linked to our exhibitions available online at the museum’s website.

We welcome museum educators, museum professionals, teachers and college/university students to our art exhibitions, museum education sessions and creative workshops where we present museum education materials and methods, and share professional experience.
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Supported by the Municipality of Szentendre, the Museum provides visits to our exhibitions and museum education sessions free of charge to all kindergarten and school children in Szentendre.

We also offer free museum visits to regional schools located in small villages around Szentendre. Besides the free museum education sessions, the travel costs are covered as well due to the support of the National Culture Fund of Hungary (2021/22, 2023/24).

In 2023, the Museum started a new cooperation with the regional Child Protection Services: children and adults who are subject to family therapy, developmental pedagogy or psychological services at the institution can participate in museum education sessions and programmes free of charge.

A professional cooperation with the Visual Education Research Group of ELTE-TÓK was established in 2022. It includes facilitating joint professional and training programmes, participation in research projects as well as providing internships.

Why the Museum Matters

In the spring of 2023, FMC museum educators started an educational project in cooperation with MODEM – Center for Modern and Contemporary Art, Debrecen. We look for answers on how the views of the general public have evolved about the role of museums and public collections over the centuries with a special focus on contemporary society. We examine what kind of answers and solutions museums can provide for current issues and social problems, what the ideal museum is like, and what the museum of the future will/should be. Five focus groups (secondary school students, university students, child protection professionals, museum finance staff and retired kindergarten teachers) are involved in the project who will interpret three contemporary artworks selected from the collections of both institutions, and their reflections and interpretations will be presented at a temporary exhibition in both Szentendre and Debrecen.