– the new permanent exhibition

12. 04. 2019. – 31. 12. 2029.


Kovács Margit Ceramics Museum


Zsófia Júlia Szilágyi, Dalma Eged


6 pm 11 April 2019

Thanks to the decorative modelling, the subjects of human interest, the mythological and biblical stories, the Kovács Margit Ceramics Museum welcomes visitors with a loveable, familiar world. With a playful spirit, individual outlook and superficial decorativeness, Margit Kovács’s ceramic works breathe new life into the squat, coarse forms of Romanesque churches, the slender, delicate shapes of Gothic cathedrals, the rigid yet sublime manner of Byzantine manuscript illustrations, the charming meticulousness of gingerbread moulds, the distinctive lineation of ivory carvings, the ornate simplicity of pottery, the blocky quality and flat tendrils of Celtic reliefs, the elongated, concise forms of Asian sculpture, the colourful, stylized world of an Art Nouveau that employs patterns with a Hungarian taste.

We have applied a new approach to our presentation of Margit Kovács’s multifaceted oeuvre, her bravura technique and richness of themes, a career that was invariably successful. The timeline is no longer continuous, and certain periods receive more attention; well-known pieces are highlighted, and ones that have not been on view for a long time are now displayed. The new arrangement also features documents, letters and photos from the as-yet-uncatalogued estate, adding nuance to the image of Margit Kovács’s personality. This revamped exhibition greatly extends the view of the oeuvre, presenting, in addition to the material held in Szentendre, a collection of such outdoor and public works that are scattered across Hungary, and which include both pieces already known and ones newly identified. With the use of interactive surfaces, archival photos and videos, this fresh, dynamic display brings the works of Hungary’s most popular ceramic artist closer to the audience, and evokes the periods during which Margit Kovács made ceramics.

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