2023. 04. 06. – 2023. 06. 25.


IKON – Picture Gallery of Szentendre


Brigitta Muladi


László Hajdú, who lives and works in Szentendre, is a representative of the visual language of constructivist painting, which took root here.He made his debut at the 1966 exhibition of the Studio in Budapest, which is still influential today, and in the 1970s and 1980s he was also exhibited at the Műcsarnok, the Dorottya Gallery and the French Institute. He later participated in several group exhibitions abroad in Budapest, Berlin, Limburg, Madrid, Munich and always as a member of the New Artists’ Colony in Szentendre. Afterwards he became involved in international contacts, making study trips to Stuttgart, Munich, France and Italy. In 1984 he was awarded the Grand Prize of the Szentendre Graphic Workshop in 2003 he received the Mihály Munkácsy Prize. Founding member of the Szentendre Graphic Workshop, Art’éria Gallery. He has been living in Szentendre since 1968. Through many years of consistent work, he has created his own system of forms, in which the departure from the usual rectangular form of the picture and the expressive, lyrical geometry, rich in plastic details, have become his trademarks. With a reduced palette of colours and geometric shapes, his painting objects, created with a paintbrush rather than the usual brush, also shape the space around them with their mass. In his own words, his works are “metaphors of inner visions” that create situations of equilibrium that could be upset in reality with a subtle movement.
In his archaic, prehistoric works, he searches for forms of representation of the forces of nature: earth, water, air, fire (sun). The exhibition includes his latest series of paintings and 10 graphic works based on them.