17. 06. 2022 – 11. 09. 2022


Vajda Museum


Katalin Kopin


The Szentendre-based lensman is the photographer of the Ferenczy Museum Centre and the Szentendre Cultural Centre, and he also runs a studio with a few photographer friends. He studied applied photography at the Novus School of Art, and photography design at Kaposvár University,
He is a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers, the Vajda Lajos Studio, the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists, and the Forgács Society. He has been regularly exhibiting his works since 2008, including at such places in Budapest as the Fuga, B32 Gallery, Kubik Coworking, Műcsarnok, and the Modem in Debrecen. As a highlighted photographer of the European Month of Photography, in 2016 he exhibited his works at the MUSA, Vienna, and the Cercle Cité in Luxembourg. In 2018 he presented works at the Rhy Art Fair in Basel, in 2019 in Rome and Graz, and in 2020 in Brussels. In 2018 he finished first at the international photography competition, Different Worlds, and won the Luka Koper Photography Award. He followed up the latter with a solo exhibition, Space, which he presented at the Rovinj Photodays in the city’s Photon Gallery, and at the Balassi Institute in Ljubljana. In 2019 he had a joint exhibition with Imre Drégely at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. The same year his series, Surveillance System, won a 1st prize at ND Awards, and a gold medal at the Budapest International Foto Awards.
Passing Time, the new series, reflects on the individual’s experience of time. He connects the basic units of time (year, month, day, minute, etc.) with ideas and problems, and finds a fitting photographic technique. The resultant series poses both relevant questions about life and professional problems related to experiments with the technique of photography.