07. 21. 2022. – 10. 23. 2022.


Ferenczy Museum


Fruzsina Kigyós

Anna Mark was born in Budapest in 1928. Between 1946 and 1950, she studied painting at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. Between 1950 and 1955, she worked in the set design workshop of the National Puppet Theatre in Budapest. During this period, she maintained friendly relations with artists from the European School, such as Lili Ország, Endre Bálint and Julia Vajda. After leaving Hungary in 1956, she lived in Saarbrücken, Germany. Subsequently, in 1959, she settled in Paris, where she still lives and works. Since 1964, her art has been exhibited in numerous private galleries, contemporary art centres and museums in France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland and Hungary.

Mark has developed a visual language inspired by a myriad of sources. Consequently, each of her works is a complex fusion of materials, gestures and symbols. Her engagement with the surrealist visual world early in her career laid the foundations for her ongoing exploration of the nature and materiality of physical objects. In keeping with her interest in architecture and a skilful balance between construction and emotional power, Anna Mark’s art unfolds in the form of reliefs, gouaches, pen drawings, aquatints and etchings. Later, architectural compositions came to greatly impact her visual language – an influence that still carries into the present day. In terms of content, however, her works – framed by a strict formal order of geometry – convey the reality of, and inspiring force inherent in, the order of the world.